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Dolcetto di Diano d'Alba "Sorì Bric Maiolica" D.o.c.

Eitchetta Dolcetto di Diano d'Alba "Sorì Bric Maiolica" D.o.c. This vinification is traditional and dures seven days. It is left to season in the cellar until June, than it is bottled and sold after September.
Made with selected grapes, it shows a red-ruby colour with that tends to become violet. The smell is intense and persistent with scent of ripe fruits and jam.



Barbera d'Alba D.o.c.

[ Label ] - Barbera d'Alba D.o.c.Traditional vinification with the pressing of the grapes' peels too. It is bottled about the end of April of the next Springtime. It shows an intense red-ruby colour and a smell that remember cherries and plums.




Barbera d'Alba "Vigna Erta" D.o.c.

[ Label ] - Barbera d'Alba "Vigna Erta" D.o.c.Traditional vinification. Refined twelve months in little french oak wood, this wine shows itself in all its armony and complexity. Red-ruby colour, the smell remember vanilla and ripe fruit.




Nebbiolo d'Alba "Giachét" D.o.c.

[ Label ] - Nebbiolo d'Alba "Giachét" D.o.c.Traditional vinification. Aged twelve months in little woods.
Red-ruby colour with orange glares typical of this Nebbiolo. The light perfume of fruit, first of all remember raspberries and wooden-fruits.
Thanks its structure and its tannis, this wine can keep in the time, also for many years.



Langhe Rosso "Sinaij" D.o.c. (Cuvée)

[ Label ] - Langhe Rosso "Sinaij" D.o.c.Obtained from a traditional vinification of Nebbiolo, Freisa and Barbera grapes, this wine is refined twelve months in barriques. With the assembly of these three wines, we get a product very balanced in tannis, acidity and smells.
Very persistent red-ruby colour with orange glares, its perfume remember the characteristic fruits of Nebbiolo, Barbera and Freisa.